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Photo booths for parties are a massive hit because they encourage the guests to put all their reservations to one side and embrace having fun. Whether you have a ‘trout pout’ competition, see how many costume changes you can go through in a minute or you simply want to your guests to go away having had a great time.

Every age group can enjoy inflatable photo booths. You don’t have to cram in like a traditional booth, you can be as silly or as serious as you like, but the main thing is that the experience will be enjoyed by all. You could even adjust the LED lighting to fit in with the theme of the party. So for example, if the booth were a part of a Halloween party night you might keep the lighting green for an eerie effect. The possibilities are truly endless.


A couple’s wedding day goes past in the blink of an eye, and it’s only after the day has passed that they realize how much they didn’t get to see. The photo booth is the perfect answer to this. As well as the formal wedding shots taken by the official photographer, they can have some more informal ones taken inside the booth once the pressure of the ceremony has been and gone. Not only that, but their guests get to do the same thing and let their hair down.

This way, the happy couple can see what their nearest and dearest got up to during the big day when they see the photos.  Photo Booth hire Yorkshire, PhotoBooth hire, Leeds, Photo Booth hire Bradford, Photo booth hire Sheffield, Photo booth hire York, Photo booth hire, Doncaster, Photobooth hire Hull, Photobooth hire Pontefract, Photo booth hire Dewsbury, Photo booth hire Brighouse, Photo booth hire Huddersfield


L2.4m x W2.4m x H2.5m – external sizing. L1.9m x W1.9m x H 2.2m – internal sizing.


easily setup and comes with a lightweight fan that inflates the object and simply requires continuous power to keep it inflated. The power usage is minimal power, Colour of lighting can be changed by simply using the control to change the inflatable to the colour of your choice.


L2.4m x W1.8m x H2.2m – external sizing. 


 easily setup and comes with a lightweight fan that inflates the object and simply requires continuous power to keep it inflated. The power usage is minimal power, Colour of lighting can be changed by simply using the control to change the inflatable to the colour of your choice.


SNAP IT:  Your customers and their guests take their own Instagram and Twitter pics with their own phones and devices

#TAG IT:  Tag photos with a simple hashtag of your choice to suit the event

PRINT IT:  The Hash tag printer will automatically print each photo with a custom designed border and logos. 


The benefit to this design is plentiful! We can set-up in small areas, more guests can fit in the picture and others can observe the fun


This offer is only for any Party held between 9:00 am and 4:00pm.
You will be able to have any image as a background (Green Screen). PRICE 1h 140   2h 180

360 Video Booth

The 360 experience starts by you standing on the platform with up to 4 of your guests getting ready to have some fun. We will then count you down and our camera takes a full 360 trip around capturing it all! The 360 video photo booth captures around 3 full spins and creates a slow-motion video that we can also add effects and music.