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Tag Printer

Our guests are the photographers; you could say it is a photo booth where the camera is in everyone’s pocket

 Many things just cannot be captured in a photobooth, for instance a couples first dance, a firework display, a large group picture, with the Hashtag Printer you can print and share anything.Tag Printer

How it Works


Your customers and their guests take their own Instagram and Twitter pics with their own phones and devices


Tag photos with a simple hashtag of your choice to suit the event


The Hash tag printer will automatically print each photo with a custom designed border and logos. Customers can also scroll through the images on the touchscreen for reprints and sharing to Facebook

It’s a Photo Booth in your Pocket!

PRICES: 250£ OR 125£ DURING THE PHOTO BOOTH HIRE TIME.(up to 400 prints,wifi required).

The  # Tag Printer inspires guests to capture content from everywhere at your event by using their own phone to take photos and share them publicly on Instagram.
​Every photo shared is tagged with your event hashtag to provide trackable social reach. Plus, we think instantly printing Polaroid-style photos is pretty cool

This service encourages your guests to share their photos on Instagram or Twitter using your event’s chosen hashtag. Let’s face it people love taking pictures with their phones, why not give them another incentive to do so by printing their photos onsite as they post them?! What does this mean for you? Your hashtag shared organically, an increase in social media traffic, user engagement, branding opportunities and last but not least, your guests will love you for it!